• Alcibiade Cohen

    Alcibiade Cohen

    Alcibiade Cohen (1992): French photographer and director based in Paris, Alcibiade has lived in Argentina (one of his countries of origin), Brazil and Togo (where he organised photo workshops for children). Through these very different and dynamic places, he established the poetry of his photographs and his gaze on the subjects he captures. In 2018, he was part of the ‘CHARBON’ project, produced by KAHL Editions.

  • Alice Rosati

    Alice Rosati

    Alice Rosati (1985): Based in Paris, Alice Rosati from Milan is mainly known as a fashion photographer and art director, through her various commissioned works for many well-established magazines and brands. She developed her individuality as an artist when she moved to Greece and started working in a photography studio, before moving back to Italy to assist the fashion show photographer Graziano Ferrari and joining her first artist management agency. Alice is a photographic storyteller, viewing herself as a polyhedric artist. In 2020, she published her first book, ‘I AM A MERMAID’ with KAHL Editions and had her first solo show at the Galerie Charraudeau in Paris for the occasion.

  • Artsi Ifrah

    Artsi Ifrah

    Artsi Ifrah: Founder and designer of Maison ART/C, Artsi Ifrah works in Marrakesh and creates all his pieces with total freedom from his state of mind at that moment. Being respectful of the past and culture allows him to create something warmer. Vintage fabrics can fit both past and present. The process of creating each picture starts with a piece he creates that day. He makes one-of-a-kind pieces and tries to make one-of-a-kind pictures with them, pictures that tell stories full of feeling. In 2017, he published his first book, ‘Piece of Mind’ with KAHL Editions.

  • Fumi Nagasaka

    Fumi Nagasaka

    Fumi Nagasaka: Japanese photographer based in New York since 2002, Fumi is constantly in search of the unexpected beauty of youth, to provide an honest representation of the tender age. As Robbie Spencer put it, “her images are always powerful and full of emotion”. In 2016, Fumi Nagasaka published her first book, ‘Untitled Youth’ with KAHL Editions, and it was a great success distributed all over the world. In 2021, her work was selected to be exhibited as part of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery.

  • Hannibal Volkoff

    Hannibal Volkoff

    Hannibal Volkoff (1986): Hannibal is a French photographer often attracted by the study of adolescent bodies and their cultural expressions. Over the years, Hannibal Volkoff's community reporting has become a generational portrait of freedom-loving youth. He published two books with Les Presses Littéraires: ‘Nous Naissons de Partout’ in 2016 and ‘Nous qui Débordons de la Nuit’ in 2019. Hannibal was also part of the ‘CHARBON’ project, produced by KAHL Editions in 2018.

  • Julie Joubert

    Julie Joubert

    Julie Joubert (1989): A graduate of the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Julie Joubert embraces social themes to highlight those who are continually side-lined.
    Her photographs are almost documentary and invite the viewer to change their perception of these individuals through the sublimation of their faces and bodies. While maintaining a certain distance, she tries to highlight the authenticity and uniqueness of her subjects. Her work has been presented at several exhibitions in France: the General Stores in Pantin, the Galerie Houg in Paris and La Nuit de la Photographie during the 9th festival in Lyon. A solo exhibition at Julio Artist-run Space gallery and a collective exhibition at La Fab “La Galerie du jour Agnès B.” in Paris are being prepared for 2021.
    Her first book, ‘MIDO’ was published in 2021 by KAHL Editions.

  • Julien Boudet

    Julien Boudet

    Julien Boudet (1985): VOGUE described him as the French Heartthrob of Street Style Photography. Julien Boudet is a New York and Paris-based photographer, originally from the South of France. In 2013, his photography brand Bleu Mode was born. While spending time in New York and travelling the world, Julien works on his personal documentary projects and shoots for several well-known fashion magazines. Also known for capturing “The Decisive Fashion Moment” on the streets, Julien Boudet’s photography straddles the line between fashion evolution and photojournalism. In 2018, he published his first book, ‘Bleus Visages’ with KAHL Editions.

  • Patrick Bienert

    Patrick Bienert

    Patrick Bienert (1980): German photographer based in Munich, Patrick mainly works between the fashion photography world and that of portraiture. His personal projects have been exhibited at Webber Gallery (London), Calvert 22 Foundation (London), Deichtorhallen (Hamburg), OFR Gallery (Paris), and many others. In 2020, he published the ‘East End of Europe with KAHL Editions.

  • Serge Najjar

    Serge Najjar

    Serge Najjar (1973): Serge Najjar is a photographer from Lebanon. He is a self-taught photographer, and his work examines the interrelationship between modern and contemporary painting and photography. Serge Najjar advances like a goldsmith of cities showing their manifold geometric potential. He casts his photographer’s eye on our interaction with materials and their correlation with the history of modern art and geometric abstraction. His approach may be instinctive, but his views allow us to reconsider our contemporary surroundings on a human scale. Human presence makes utopian, at times overwhelming, architectural structures appear more human. In 2021, he published his first book, ‘BEIRUT’ with KAHL Editions.

  • Tom de Peyret

    Tom de Peyret

    Tom de Peyret (1986): French photographer based in Paris, Tom has also lived in Istanbul, Brussels and Lausanne, where he graduated in 2012 (ECAL). His personal projects have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, at the Silencio (Paris), and in Mexico during the ZONAMACO art fair. In 2018, he was part of the ‘CHARBON’ project, produced by KAHL Editions. He also published his first monograph book, ‘Concrete Mirages’ in 2021 with Poursuite Edition.

  • Tristan Joseph Boisvert

    Tristan Joseph Boisvert

    Tristan J. Boisvert (1989): Canadian poet, photographer, and performer, Tristan has a strong relationship with Paris, France, where he lived for many years. There, he was a key collaborator in the ‘CHARBON’ project, produced by KAHL Editions in 2018, for which he was chosen to be the narrator of the book. In this book, we can also find several images from his work.

  • Zuza Krajewska

    Zuza Krajewska

    Zuza Krajewska (1975): Photographer and filmmaker, the work of Zuza Krajewska is described as redefining the fashion and documentary landscapes, where images defy convention. As she is socially engaged and interested in storytelling, she uses her expressive visual language as a form of narration of a full story captured in one single frame. Her photography was featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including The National Museum in Warsaw which bought her works for their collection. Her work was published in many important titles like the British Journal of Photography, M Le Monde, The Steidz, or The Calvert Journal. In 2017, she published her first book, ‘IMAGO’ with KAHL Editions.