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Untitled Youth by Fumi Nagasaka
Sergey Ponomarev - EXODUS
Release: March 2019

Since January 2015 more than one million people have reached Europe’s shores. They are fleeing, in the hundreds of thousands; from war-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Their journeys began in war, poverty and oppression.
They must begin walking with whatever possessions they can carry, but they’re not sure in which direction or even where they are going. Sergey Ponomarev, a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography, followed refugees on their way to Western Europe.

sergey ponomarev
Charbon - Under Book Collection #1
Release: September 2018

"These pages will spontaneously combust. Be careful. Charbon burns. Accept me as I am" - Alex Housset

Entering the intimacy of the alternative Parisian scene, CHARBON portrays a new generation of artists: authors, photographers, illustrators, performers, musicians, poets.
Kahl Editions, in collaboration with the Black New Black collective, gathered no fewer than 50 participants, all of whom play a role in shaping the creative singularity of Paris.
CHARBON is the first volume of the UNDER book collection.
CHARBON is also a movie directed by Elora Thevenet.

charbon under book collection
Julien Boudet - Bleus Visages
Release: July 2018

Following personal aesthetics over trends, Julien Boudet is known for documenting the evolution of fashion inspired by the minimalist, surrealist movements and architecture. For his first book, Bleus Visages, Boudet decides to go back to his native city, where Bleu Mode was born. Growing up in Sète, encompassed by the Mediterranean Sea in the South of France, Julien Boudet has always had an affinity with the color blue. Through his heightened sense of time and space in collaboration with his immaculate attention to detail, Julien Boudet is capturing the local people accompanied by a text of the philosopher Jean-Louis Cianni.

julien boudet bleus visages
Artsi Ifrach - ARTC Piece of mind
Release: October 2017

Artsi Ifrach works in Marrakesh and creates all his pieces with a total freedom from the state of mind he has at the moment. Being respectful of the past and the culture to bring something warmer. Vintage fabrics can match past and present. Colours and prints are his landscapes.
The process of creating each picture, starts with a piece he creates in that day, as he makes one of a kind pieces and he tries to make one of a kind pictures with them, pictures that tell stories full of feelings. He creates the whole art direction around it and the picture themselves with himself modelling.
It's very important for him to create a picture that doesn't reflect the time it has being taken and it will be memorable always.
All his pieces are to be sold in the end.

artsi ifrach
Zuza Krajewska - Imago
Release: May 2017

‘Imago’ refers to the last phase of insect metamorphosis, a post-growth, pre-adult stage where they appear fully-formed but smaller. Zuza Krajewska’s portraits of young offenders at a custody centre near Warsaw examines this transitional period between physical maturity and full adult development. Her subjects were brought to the centre for their inability to follow the codes of society. Had they been adults, many of their crimes would have earned them a jail sentence, but the potential of growth and development to their still-childlike characters granted them an opportunity to be rehabilitated – and, one-day, reintroduced to society.

Imago by Zuza Krajewska
Fumi Nagasaka - Untitled Youth
Release: October 2016

"Every person documented in this book conveys that feeling of purity. They have allowed Fumi to capture them baring their souls. What she does in turn is capture an honest representation of youth – a moment in time during adolescence when things are pure. You are not yet sure of who you are yet, or who you are going to be, and you are still experimenting with your identity.
This particular body of work celebrates that very notion: the fleeting beauty of youth. They are intimate images that convey Fumi’s unique obsession with youth and dreaming of being forever young." - Robbie Spencer

Untitled Youth by Fumi Nagasaka
Gigi Freyeisen - The Swagabonds
Release: 2019

"Unsanitary, dangerous, full of drug dealers and alcoholics, a synonym for homelessness and poverty... An area in Downtown Los Angeles' known as Skid Row has many stereotypes associated with it. But they tend to only represent one side of it.
Coincidently, Skid Row is also a boiling pot of art, culture and entertainment. From street musicians busking their makeshift drums on the sidewalk to a street artist sprawling graffiti on a chipping wall, to a bum sporting a cornucopia of patterns and looking like he literally just stepped down from NYFW catwalk...
The rich and diverse Skid Row community has drawn the interest of many creatives over the years, but one of them really has her mind set on changing people's perceptions about the infamous L.A. neighborhood." — Konbini

The Swagabonds
Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello - Ghost Echoes
Release: 2019

"Japan begins and ends
with Japan.
Nobody else knows the
… Japanese dust
In the Milky Way."

This first edition by the duo, Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello, portrays a wild Guinevere Van Seenus through Japan.
Taking a woman out of her contest, playing with her body through the different surroundings, using clothing and make up as an adaptation of where she is and what she feels.
A journey, a diary made of an intimate series of images documenting Guinevere through Sofia&Mauro's eyes.

sofia and mauro
Christelle de Castro - Boys and Girls
Release: 2019

Text: Laura Albert
In de Castro's Boys and Girls toward the close of the bookn, alsmost a postscript, Genesis P-Orridge gazes out, a war-weary glorious ruler. Genesis' words thread through all these photos: "Some feel like a man trapped in a woman's body, others like a woman trapped in a man's body. The Pandrogyne says, 'I just feel trapped in a body.'"

christelle de castro
Aliocha Boi - MEMENTO
Release: 2019

"My work is the result fortuitous encounters, daily explorations and a true fascination of the human", the French-Canadian-Italien photographer Aliocha Boi tells us. To realise MEMENTO (Remember, in Italien), he travelled to Bari Sardo, a coastal village from Sardinia. "I talked to several old people who had many stories to tell. I eventually chose to focus on my grand-mother. I wanted to immerse the audience in a timeless place, where fantasy would take over." — Fish Eye Magazine

aliocha boi
Tomer Ifrah - Title TBC
Release: 2019

Between 2012 and 2018, the Israeli photographer made several trips to Eastern Europe to document metro stations. Impressive visual aspect, the light, people's style of dress, the post-Soviet symbols captured Tomer Ifrah's eye.
Hopefully the pictures will be a small window to a different reality, and will give people another perspective of daily life in Eastern Europe.

tomer ifrah
Alice Rosati - The Mermaid
Release: 2019

"Does it really exist? This is the confusion that this five-year long adventure has distilled. The photographs of Alice Rosati are there to prove it to us. On the shores, in front of a pedestrian crossing, in a hotel room, wherever you are, the mermaid was looking for her place without finding it. With time it became the paragon of the difficulty to be in this world, and a symbol of maladjustment." — Léa Chauvel-Lévy

alice rosati
Serge Najjar - Title TBC
Release: 2019

"When you are looking things with a new eye, you can live again. Then you realize how powerful you can be by pushing others to see what they cannot see by themselves."
From cubism and abstract art to the avant-garde, each image determines how Serge Najjar sees things around him.
Lebanon through his eye is a question about a context, an aesthetic, and our ability to redefine what we think we already know.

serge najjar
Loretta Caponi - Title TBC
Release: TBC

For the 50th anniversary of existence of the brand Loretta Caponi (Florence, Italy), a book in the memory of this incredible woman who, a part from enchanting with her embroidery clients such as Lady Diana, the Prince Carl, the Rockefeller, the Kennedy, the Schlesinger, Sting, James Fonda, Madonna, and many more, she developed a creative process based on many secrets, which will be in part revealed by her only daughter Lucia Caponi and other important people who influenced Loretta’s life.

loretta caponi