Guillaume de Sardes / Mounir Fatmi

Guillaume de Sardes (1979): is a writer, a photographer, an editor, an historian of art and a French curator. His personal work, mainly focuses on questions of the intimate or wandering topics, is developed through photography, writing and movie directing. His novels and essays have been published by Grasset, Gallimard and Hermann, and his photographs and videos has been exhibited in France and abroad in various galleries and art institutions, including the MEP in Paris.
Mounir Fatmi (1970): Moroccan artist based between Paris and Tangier. By using materials such as antenna cable, typewriters, and VHS tapes, Mounir elaborates an experimental archeology that questions the world and the role of the artist in a society in crisis. Thus, he questions the limits of language and communication while reflecting upon these obsolescent materials and their uncertain future.

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