Julie Joubert

Julie Joubert (1989): A graduate of the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Julie Joubert embraces social themes to highlight those who are continually side-lined.
Her photographs are almost documentary and invite the viewer to change their perception of these individuals through the sublimation of their faces and bodies. While maintaining a certain distance, she tries to highlight the authenticity and uniqueness of her subjects. Her work has been presented at several exhibitions in France: the General Stores in Pantin, the Galerie Houg in Paris and La Nuit de la Photographie during the 9th festival in Lyon. A solo exhibition at Julio Artist-run Space gallery and a collective exhibition at La Fab “La Galerie du jour Agnès B.” in Paris are being prepared for 2021.
Her first book, ‘MIDO’ was published in 2021 by KAHL Editions.