Untitled Youth - Fumi Nagasaka
  • Untitled Youth - Fumi Nagasaka
  • Untitled Youth - Fumi Nagasaka

Untitled Youth - Special edition I


Special Edition with 15x21cm print numbered and signed by the artist.

Print: Jakob Kandvikin in 2012

15 copies

Photographs: Fumi Nagasaka
Text: Robbie Spencer


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Untitled Youth portrays Fumi Nagasaka’s ongoing journey seeking for an unexpected beauty of youth. Mostly from the streets of New York, Berlin, England and Stockholm, every person documented in this book is fuelled by a very rare honesty that conveys a feeling of purity, typical of Fumi’s photography.

As Robbie Spencer, creative director of Dazed & Confused, said, Untitled Youth is “an honest representation of youth, a moment in time during adolescence when things are pure”.

Fumi Nagasaka is a New York based photographer, born in Nagoya, Japan. While spending time in NY and travelling around Europe, Fumi works on her personal documentary projects and shoots for several notorious fashion magazines: Dazed & Confused, V Magazine, AnOther and many more. Known as well for her street casting, Fumi Nagasaka’s photography balances the line between street subculture and the artifice of fashion.

Photos: Fumi Nagasaka
Texts: Robbie Spencer and Fumi Nagasaka
Publishing director: Sarah Kahloun
Art director: Sarah de Scisciolo


Data sheet

October 2016
Number of copies
210 * 270 mm
88 pages
Number of illustrations: