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"These pages will spontaneously combust. Be careful. Charbon burns. Accept me as I am"
— Alex Housset

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Entering the intimacy of the alternative Parisian scene, CHARBON portrays a new generation of artists: authors, photographers, illustrators, performers, musicians, poets.
CHARBON is also a movie directed by Elora Thevenet.

Kahl Editions, in collaboration with the Black New Black collective, gathered no fewer than 50 participants, all of whom play a role in shaping the creative singularity of Paris:

Tristan Boisvert, Guillaume de Sardes, Hannibal Volkoff, Massimiliano Mocchia di Coggiola, Aumaury Bergoin, Leila Chik, Igor Dewe, Alcibiade Cohen, Régina Demina, Paul Franco, Juliette Seydoux, Maison Métamose, Marie Beltrami, Elsa Bres, Tiphaine Samoyault, Tom de Peyret, Michael Pecot-Kleiner, Léonie Pernet, Erwan Le Gal, Chill Okubo, Cuco Cuca, Sina Araghi, Simon Thiébaut, Ludovic Azémar, Alexandre Bavard, Jacob Khrist, Emmanuel Mousset, Florent Mateo, Uèle Lamore, Guillaume Héry, Ariel Boreinstein, Georges Human, Emma Burlet, Garance Marillier, Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull, Gabrielle Smith, Julien Boudet, Alex Housset.

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Binding Hardcover
Release September 2018
Number of copies 1000
Size 205 * 305 * 30 mm
Pages 300 pages
Number of illustrations: 247